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    Turkish Citizenship with Long Term Residence

    Turkish Citizenship with Long Term Residence

    Dear visitor, welcome to our Turkish Citizenship with Long Term Residence page. This form of application is referred to as General Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship. Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, Article 9 mentions citizenship acquired later. This later acquisition is possible with the decision of the competent authority, by adoption or by using the right to choose. The acquisition of citizenship with the decision of the competent authority is also divided into 4. These are generally, exceptionally, by the method of marriage and recuperation. In accordance with Article 15 of the said Citizenship Law, foreign nationals who have resided in the Republic of Turkey for 5 (five) years without interruption can gain the right to apply for Turkish citizenship and acquire the citizenship of our country by the general method, if the following other conditions are met. Foreign nationals who want to acquire Turkish citizenship later, with general provisions, must definitely meet the following conditions:

    • Foreign nationals must be of legal age according to the law of their own state. If the person is stateless, he / she must be of legal age in accordance with the civil laws of the Republic of Turkey. He/she should also have the ability to distinguish.
    • As of the date of filing the Turkish citizenship application, the applicant must have resided in Turkey for at least five years retrospectively.
    • Foreign nationals must clearly show their willingness to settle in Turkey. For example, to acquire a real estate, property in Turkey. Marrying a Turkish citizen, establishing a business in Turkey or investing in a company. Working in Turkey with a work permit, having completed his/her education life in Turkey. Apart from these, a situation such as having a father, mother or child who has already acquired Turkish Citizenship is one of the valid reasons to apply for this application.
    • The person should not have any disease / illnesses that could pose any threat to the public health.

    Other conditions…

    • One should behave in accordance with public morals. Community life requires a number of responsibilities, and the person who wants to gain Turkish citizenship should act with this sense of responsibility. The person should give confidence to the society and not behave contrary to the order.
    • The applicant must be able to speak and understand the Turkish language at a level that is essential to become part of the Turkish society.
    • The applicant must be able to provide for himself/herself and his/her family (dependents), if any, in Turkey. It is expected that the person has a job or a regular income.
    • The person should not have a situation that would threaten the security of Turkey and the public order.
    • Along with the above-mentioned conditions, foreign nationals who will apply to acquire Turkish citizenship may also be required to renounce their current state citizenship or, if there is more than one state citizenship, all citizenship. Determination of the principles regarding the use of this discretion is under the authority of the Council of Ministers.

    Turkish Citizenship Application Process

    The application to be made for Turkish citizenship is made personally or by a proxy with a special power of attorney given to the governorship where the foreign person’s residence is located. If the applicant is under the age of eighteen (minor) and / or lacks the power of discrimination, the application can be made by the person’s guardian.

    In the citizenship application, the Republic of Turkey foreign identity number of the foreign national is taken as the basis and the transaction is done with this. Therefore, people who do not have a residence permit and have not yet received a foreign identification number cannot apply for Turkish citizenship directly.

    It has been determined that they have not resided in Turkey for five (5) years uninterruptedly, applications of foreigners who do not have a legal residence permit or who do not intend to settle in Turkey despite having a legal residence permit are not accepted. Citizenship applications are not accepted from people who are asylum seekers, who are in Turkey for medical treatment purposes, who accompany a person undergoing treatment or who are in our country with a tourist or student residence. Persons who are still on trial for any crime, those who are convicted or detained are also in the group of persons whose application will not be accepted.

    A foreign citizen who wants to acquire Turkish citizenship can also be abroad, provided that it does not exceed a total of twelve months within the residence period (five years) pursuant to new legal regulations. If the total time spent abroad does not exceed twelve months, these periods are evaluated within the foreseen session period. Otherwise, the application results negatively because the person cannot reach the sufficient number of days.

    In the application for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by long-term residence (in general), a file is created by filling the form petition for the application and preparing the documents listed below in detail, and the necessary application is made in this form. The date of the application is based on the person’s form and the date on which the petition was received as a document record. When we come to all the required documents:

    Turkish Citizenship Required Documents 2021

    • Turkish Citizenship Application Form
    • A petition explaining the person’s willingness to apply for Turkish citizenship, as well as the details required to be specified on the subject.
    • 2 biometric photographs in 50 x 60 mm format, with white background, in accordance with ICAO photography standards. It should be up to date.
    • Passport or similar document substituting a passport. If the person is stateless, a document on this must also be submitted.
    • A birth certificate containing the identity information of the foreign national or a similar document containing the necessary information such as a birth certificate. If the applicant is married, a copy of the birth certificate or a similar document proving the family ties of the spouse and children must be submitted.
    • Marital status document showing the marital status of the applicant. In addition, depending on the person’s current personal situation, marriage certificate, divorce decision, death certificate etc. Documents such as should also be submitted.
    • Regarding whether the person has a contagious disease or a disease that may pose a danger to public health, T.C. A health report with the qualifications determined by the Ministry of Health should also be submitted.

    Citizenship with work permit…

    • The person should have a profession and a regular income that can provide the livelihood of himself/herself and his/her dependents (spouse, children, etc.) in Turkey. Documents showing that you have this (such as work permit, last 3 months payrolls, commitment, tax certificate, etc.)
    • The person must have been residing in Turkey for a long time. When counting back from the date of citizenship application, the document indicating that the person has resided in Turkey for at least five years is attached to the application file. This document is taken from the Provincial Police Department.
    • Until the citizenship application made by the foreign national person is finalized, a valid residence permit must be submitted in a sufficient period of time for the future. Important note: Since the Turkish citizenship application deadline is uncertain, of course, it is not expected to present a valid residence for years. It is sufficient for your valid residence to have at least six months during the Turkish citizenship application. Of course, while the citizenship application is ongoing, the residence must continue to be renewed.
    • If there is a finalized court decision about the applicant due to any crime, the approved copy of this decision should also be attached to the file.
    • The receipt indicating that the necessary citizenship application service fee has been paid to the finance cashier is also attached to the file.
    • In addition: If the applicant does not have a month to day of birth on the date of birth of the foreigner, a document from the competent authorities of his / her country must be submitted in order to complete this date of birth. If this document cannot be obtained, the applicant must have a signed declaration stating that he / she accepts the action in accordance with Article 39 of the Population Services Law (No. 5490).

    Transactions Completed by the Commission

    The application made to the Governor’s Office within the boundaries of the province where the foreign national resides is sent to the Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs by the Governorship. The applicant foreigner can follow the citizenship application number by learning from the Public Relations unit of the General Directorate of the relevant Ministry. Afterwards, the necessary inspections are made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs. Finally, the result of the citizenship application is notified to the relevant person, either positively or negatively.

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