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    Turkish Citizenship by Birth and Descent

    Turkish Citizenship by Birth and Descent

    Dear visitor, welcome to our Turkish Citizenship by Birth and Descent page. Turkish citizenship can be acquired by birth or later. Citizenship acquired by birth is called primary citizenship. Citizenship acquired later is called citizenship acquired (citizenship acquired later). There are two systems for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship as the basis of kinship and place of birth.

    Turkish Citizenship by Descent

    In this regard, the first way to acquire Turkish citizenship is to acquire citizenship automatically based on the child’s lineage as a result of the notification to be made. According to this:

    • A child who lives in or outside the Republic of Turkey in a marriage union, born to a Turkish citizen mother or father, acquires Turkish citizenship from birth.
    • A child who lives inside or outside of the Republic of Turkey, outside the union of marriage, born to a Turkish citizen mother and a foreign citizen father, also acquires Turkish citizenship from birth.

    For a child born inside or outside of Turkey, outside of the marriage union, to a Turkish citizen father and to a foreign mother, firstly, descent should be determined according to the provisions of international private law. If the born child is tied to a Turkish citizen father by descent, he will acquire Turkish citizenship from birth.

    The laws made an exception for those who have reached the age of maturity (over the age of 18) and who live abroad to acquire Turkish citizenship by descent. According to this exception, the applications to be made by those who live abroad and who make a declaration regarding birth after they reach the age of age (18) will be examined by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and will be decided according to this examination.

    Turkish Citizenship by Birth

    Children born in Turkey, who are not considered Turkish citizens due to their mother or father’s descent, have also been granted the right to acquire Turkish citizenship if certain conditions are met. Accordingly, a child who cannot acquire the citizenship of any country due to reasons such as the parents are not known or because they are stateless and who was born in Turkey, will be able to acquire Turkish citizenship from birth if it is determined that he / she meets the necessary conditions as a result of the examinations to be carried out by the Ministry.

    In this application, the application form for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship (VAT-1) is used on the basis of descent. Again, among the requested documents are the following distinguishing:

    • VAT-1 Application Form.
    • 2 x 50 by 60 mm white background, unpatterned, machine-readable biometric photograph in standards determined by ICAO.
    • If one of the parents is a citizen of a foreign country, a duly approved document to prove his identity, and a duly approved document to determine whether the applicant has acquired the citizenship of that state due to his/her foreign mother or father, and the notarized Turkish language translations of this document. .
    • Signed statement to be taken by the applicant’s mother and father, if one of them has passed away, from his/her siblings, if any, by the application authorities, indicating their degree of closeness with the applicant.
    • If the applicant’s mother and father have passed away, a signed statement from the applicant’s siblings and 3rd (third) degree relatives, if any, to be taken by the application authorities, indicating their degree of closeness with the applicant.
    • Notarized Turkish language translation of a duly certified birth certificate.
    • Birth report to be issued on the basis of the birth certificate (referred to as VGF-10-01).

    The documents listed above and the VAT-4 application form are valid for Turkish citizenship by birth as well as by descent.

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