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    Turkey Work Permit Fees

    Turkey Work Permit Fees

    Foreign nationals who want to work in Turkey must apply for a work permit and pay the Turkish work permit fees and have a work permit. Only in this way will it be possible for them to earn income by working legally in our country. Therefore, the person should apply in accordance with his / her type of study and wait for approval. The content of the applications varies according to the working style and position of the person.

    Applications vary as domestic applications and international applications. During the application, processes are carried out by filling out an online form on the system. In domestic applications, after the Turkey work permit application form is filled, the documents requested on the basis of category are uploaded to the system. Following these procedures, the fees to be paid for the application must be paid. Applications can be made online as well as payments can be made online. Fees are fixed, unlike residence permit fees.

    The 2021 work permit fee is 932.90 TL for domestic applications, as well as a residence card fee of 110.00 TL. These fees are paid only to Ziraat Bank, Vakıfbank and İş Bank. It is not possible to make payments from other banks.

    In foreign applications, fees vary according to the principle of reciprocity between countries. In these applications, the work permit fee and valuable paper costs are paid by the applicant to the foreign representative offices in the work visa application. In addition, payments are made depending on the currency of the country.

    2021 Work Permit Fees

    • Temporary Work Permit (up to 1 year – 1 year included) -932,90 TL
    • Indefinite Work Permit – 9331,60TL
    • Independent Work Permit Fee – 9331,60
    • Temporary Protection Work Permit Fee – 347,10 TL
    • Valuable Paper Price-110,00 TL

    Note: Prices will be updated if there is a raise for 2021.

    2021 work permit fees are determined in this way. Fees must be paid and must be made for your application to progress. Even if your application is negative, the fees paid cannot be refunded and when the application is made again, the Turkish work permit fees will be paid in the same way.

    In the case of applications for lost work permit or renewal of exemptions, half of the fee mentioned in Turkey work permit fees and fees; All other valuable paper costs are taken. As Inforeigner, we are pleased to support you in the entire process for your applications, both domestically and internationally. If you want to contact our work permit experts, call 0212 706 79 67 in Istanbul, 0312 963 10 49 in Ankara, 0242 255 07 24 in Antalya, 0224 322 06 46 in Bursa, 0232 335 15 78 in Izmir, 0232 335 15 78 and you can also reach us from our contact information on our website.