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    Turkey Visa Refusal

    Turkey Visa Refusal

    Welcome to the Turkey visa refusal page. In International Law, the national sovereign powers of the countries are taken as basis. It has the freedom to use its sovereign powers as they wish, with the laws determined within its limits. It is also available to determine which foreigners can enter their countries under which conditions within their jurisdiction. The Republic of Turkey also determines who will enter the country within this jurisdiction. This power of the state is an undisputed subject in terms of interstate law.

    The place where foreign nationals who want to visit Turkey will apply for a visa are Turkish representations abroad. At the same time, if the person applying for a visa is a member of the countries where electronic visa is granted by the Republic of Turkey, he / she can apply online without going to the Turkish foreign representative office. For visa applications to be made to Turkish foreign representative offices, it is necessary to apply to the Turkish foreign representative offices located in the country of residence. The refusal and acceptance of your visa application is only authorized by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate to which you apply. The necessary documents are required by the Turkish foreign representatives in your visa application. Providing all the required documents in full does not mean that you will receive a final visa. The documents are examined by the representative and it is evaluated whether it is suitable for you to get a visa. As a result of the evaluation, even if you submitted all documents completely and without errors, you may be rejected.

    Before the reasons for visa refusal in Turkey, it is necessary to mention the issues you need to pay attention to in visa applications. In order for your application to be concluded positively during the Turkey visa process, it is among the first things to be done to submit documents suitable for your travel purpose and personal information to Turkey. You should clearly state your travel purpose and the authorities must be convinced that there is no other situation than your purpose.

    Details to be Considered in Visa Application

    There are some points you need to pay attention to in your application in order to prevent the visa refusal situation in Turkey. It is important that you pay maximum attention to these issues in order to have a positive result in your visa application. Your passport must not be damaged in any way. Do not apply for a visa with a worn, tampered or torn passport. In case of these situations, it would be beneficial to renew your passports. As a general rule, your passport is required to be valid for at least 1 year during the time you apply for a visa. This situation varies depending on the type of visa you will apply and the duration of your stay in Turkey. In order to avoid an adverse situation, it is useful to contact Turkish Foreign Representatives before applying for a visa.

    Let’s say you have submitted your visa application and have been invited for an interview by the relevant Turkish Embassy or Consulate. During the interview, answer the questions to be asked by the representatives of the representative authorities in an accurate and understandable way. Authorities doubting your answers, not being sure of their accuracy and not being able to communicate with you properly are among the sufficient reasons for Turkey visa refusal. Having a positive impression of you during the interview may be effective in the positive result of your visa application. It is essential that the documents you submit for Turkey visa procedures are correct and received from the official authorities. Do not apply with fake documents in any way. Applying for a visa with forged documents constitutes a crime under the law.

    It is required by the Turkish official authorities that foreign nationals who will visit Turkey do not have any problems in their financial situation. The reason for this is to be able to meet his/her minimum livelihood and his/her own needs during his stay in Turkey. For this reason, it is useful to review your economic situation before applying for a visa. When applying, you must submit documents such as payroll and bank account statement showing your economic status to the representative office. If you do not have a job, or if you do not have sufficient and regular income to support yourself and your dependents, your visa application is very unlikely to have a positive result, as you will be seen as a potential immigrant. In order for your application to be accepted, you need to improve your economic situation.

    Turkey Visa Refusal Reasons

    When applying for a visa to Turkey, the application file should be prepared by considering the evaluation criteria of the Turkish foreign representative offices. Approval or rejection of your visa application can be predicted based on your own situation. By examining your file by our expert consultants, studies are carried out to determine the missing areas and to make your application positive.

    Many criteria are taken into consideration in the evaluation of the visa application in Turkey. The primary evaluation criteria is that the submitted documents support each other and are consistent. For example, a foreign country citizen requesting a visa to visit his/her relatives in Turkey is asked to prepare an invitation letter by his/her relative in Turkey. If this document is missing, your visa application may result negatively.

    Missing travel documents or unconvincing documents submitted:

    In the visa applications you have made, the documents requested by the Turkish representatives must be prepared and submitted completely and accurately. The documents submitted must also be suitable for your travel purpose. It is possible to get a Turkey visa refusal due to transactions that are not found convincing by the Turkish foreign representative.

    The economic situation is not sufficient:

    Foreign country citizens who want to visit Turkey are expected to meet all their needs during their stay in the country in their visa applications. During the application, this situation is requested to be supported. Your visa application may be rejected if the economic situation you declared does not support your application or if the financial situation is not found sufficient.

    Your travel health insurance is not eligible:

    Travel health insurance may be requested for visa applications made to the Turkish Embassy or consulate. Required health insurances must generally be valid within the visa period and have a coverage of 30,000 Euros. If this document is not provided, your visa application may be rejected.

    Failure to reach sufficient conviction that the visa applicant will return to his/her country:

    In visa applications from foreign country citizens who want to visit Turkey, a commitment to return to their home country is required at the end of the visa period. In the visa application interview, the authorities must reach a sufficient opinion that you will return to your country. If this opinion is not formed in any way, your visa application may result in negative results.

    In order not to face with visa refusal to Turkey, you should review the above-mentioned situations. If the above issues are valid for your situation, the missing and wrong points should be corrected and the visa application should be made after the situation is corrected. Otherwise, your visa will result in negative results.

    Objection to Turkey Visa Refusal

    If your visa application to enter Turkey is rejected by the authorities, you have the right to object to the negative result. You must make your objection to the Turkish foreign representative office where you applied for a visa. There is no sample petition that is the formal condition determined for the objection. If you clearly indicate your objection reason in your appeal petition, and if the reason for rejection is clear, documents must be submitted to prove this situation. To give an example, if you have enough money in your account for your visa application that results in a negative result due to insufficient money in your bank account, you can include this in your appeal petition with a supporting document. In case of visa refusal to Turkey, you have the opportunity to apply for a visa again. However, this may reduce your chances of getting a visa. For this reason, you need to make sure that you have removed your reason for refusal in your visa application.

    We tried to give information about visa refusal to Turkey. If you want to get more detailed information about the subject or consultancy service on other issues, you can reach us from the information in the communication section.