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    Turkey Touristic Visa

    Turkey Touristic Visa

    Welcome to the Turkey Tourist Visa page. All nations have some procedures for foreigners to enter their countries. These procedures, which are applied to a citizen of another country who request permission from that country for the purpose of entering a particular country, are called visa. Visa policies vary from country to country. The Republic of Turkey also has a specific visa policy. The visa policy implemented by Turkey differs for each country. Many foreign nationals want to visit Turkey, which is a land of endless beauty when it comes to landscapes and sites. While some foreign nationals who want to travel to our country for touristic purposes do not require a visa, some foreigners are subject to a visa. Foreign nationals who are within the scope of visa exemption can enter Turkey without applying for a visa, and other foreign country citizens are required to obtain a visa to enter. Foreign country citizens who want to be in Turkey for holiday and tourism purposes must apply for a Turkey tourist visa.

    How To Apply for Turkey Touristic Visa?

    The foreign national who will apply for a Turkey tourist visa has two options. These are to apply personally to the Turkish foreign representative offices in the place of residence of the foreigner or to apply for an e-Visa through the online system. Electronic visa application is a faster and more effortless process than visa applications to be made to foreign representative offices. The reason for this is to be able to apply for an e visa from any area with internet access without time limitation. For Turkish tourist visa applications to be made to foreign representative offices, the required printed documents are requested by the representatives, but there is an obligation to be present in person during the scheduled appointment. Depending on the intensity of the representation, appointments are given to future dates, which causes a waste of time. At the same time, online visa application fee made over the internet are lower than the fee for visa application to be made to representative offices. Let’s start with the electronic visa procedures for Turkey, which is one of the application methods for obtaining a tourist visa to Turkey.

    Turkey E-visa Procedures

    Electronic visa is issued to foreign nationals who plan to travel for touristic or commercial purposes. Other visa applications must be made to the Turkish foreign representative offices. For electronic visa application, you must first enter your passport type and nationality information into the system. After entering your passport type and nationality, you will be presented with a screen where your visa validity period and e-Visa stay period are indicated. Here you can find out how long you can stay in Turkey for your country of citizenship. After viewing the durations, if there is no prerequisite request from the Republic of Turkey for your country of citizenship, you can continue the application process. If a prerequisite is specified for you to provide, you must carefully examine the specified conditions and make sure you meet them. If you have received an e-Visa by accepting the conditions although you do not meet the prerequisites, your visa will be deemed invalid and you will not be allowed to enter the country if this situation is detected during the checks to be made at the entrance to Turkey.

    General Prerequisites Fulfill as Requested by Turkish Official Authorities

    • Confirmation of your return ticket, hotel reservation, and $ 50 for each day you stay,
    • Confirmation that you have valid supporting document (Schengen visa or valid residence permit, visa or valid residence permit in one of the USA, UK and Ireland countries),
    • Acceptance and approval that the validity period of your passport covers the period you will stay in Turkey.

    If the above-mentioned prerequisites are requested, they must be provided and accepted by foreign citizens who will apply for an online visa. Within the scope of the Turkey tourist visa, you must fill in the personal information field after the necessary procedures are completed. In the personal information field, it is required to enter data belonging to foreign nationals such as passport number, address information, name and surname, place and date of birth, telephone number. After all transactions, you must pay the e-Visa fee. The payment process is a mandatory condition for visa approval. Visa applications for which payment has not been processed are not approved by the official authorities. After completing the payment, you can download your visa from the system or from the e-mail address you have specified.

    Visa Applications to Turkish Foreign Representatives

    In Turkey tourist visa-applications to be made from Turkish foreign representative offices, the necessary documents are required by the representatives in printed form. Foreign nationals who want to enter Turkey should personally apply to the Turkish foreign representative offices in their place of residence. Foreign nationals who do not have the right to apply for an electronic visa, cannot obtain an online visa due to preconditions or do not prefer an electronic visa, should apply to Turkish foreign representatives. The required documents requested by the representative from the person who will apply for a visa are stated below:

    • Passport or valid substitute document
    • Biometric photo
    • Document showing the income status or the income status of the inviting person
    • Flight reservation
    • Hotel reservation or invitation
    • Document supporting the return (title deed, workplace permit, payroll, bank receipt, etc)
    • Travel insurance

    In addition to the documents mentioned above, other documents may be requested by the representative office. For this reason, it would be beneficial to contact the representative office before applying. The requested documents must be presented to the representatives in person on the date of the appointment. Being late or not going to the appointment may cause your appointment to be canceled. Take the necessary precautions in order not to cause any inconvenience.

    Letter of Invitation

    In Turkey tourist visa applications to be made to foreign representative offices, the representative office may require the foreign national to submit a visa invitation letter. We would like to inform you about the preparation of the invitation letter and its submission to the representation office. The invitation letter is used as a supporting document in the visa applications of foreign country citizens who want to visit Turkey. Great care is required in the preparation of these supporting documents. Visa invitations can be sent by foreign nationals and Turkish citizens legally residing in Turkey. While preparing the visa invitation letter, it is absolutely necessary to have date information. Generally, there is no format requirement in invitation letters.

    The date must be mentioned on the top right corner of the invitation letter. The date on the invitation letter should be paid attention to because it must not be more than 1 month apart from the date of application. Another detail considered by the foreign representatives is that excessive time difference may result in rejection of your visa application. Another detail that should be included in the invitation letter is the information of the inviting person. The name, surname, residence address, telephone number and e-mail address of the inviting person, if any, the workplace address. The invitee must undertake that the foreign national who will apply for a Turkey tourist visa will cover all financial expenses during their visit to Turkey. Proving the committed status with supporting documents is essential for a positive result of the visa application. The documents required for this can be payroll, bank statement or retirement information. This issue is being examined with the utmost care by the Turkish foreign missions.

    Information Required in the Invitation Letter of the Visa Applicant

    Another detail that should be included in the visa invitation letter for those who will apply for a tourist visa is the personal information of the invited foreign national who applied for a visa. It is important to make sure that this information is included correctly and completely in order to prevent any victimization. In line with the information included in the passport of the foreign national applying for a visa, his / her name, surname, place of birth and date of residence in the country of residence, contact information, how long he / she will stay in Turkey and the address where he / she will stay during his / her travel should be included. Having an invitation letter does not necessarily mean that your visa will be approved. Turkish foreign representatives have the right to refuse your visa application without providing any reason.

    The submission of the visa invitation letter varies between Turkish foreign representatives in foreign countries. While some representatives accept through e-mail and fax, some representative offices accept submission via notary. Generally, Turkish foreign representatives request invitation letters made through a notary public. It is useful to contact the foreign representative offices to learn the delivery methods of the invitation letters.

    If you want to get more detailed information about the Turkey Touristic Visa or get consultancy on different issues, you can reach us from the information in the contact section.