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    Turkey Student Visa

    Turkey Student Visa

    Dear visitor, welcome to our Turkey Student Visa page!

    It is the short-term residence permit category that must be applied when a foreign national wants to come to Turkey and receive education. Those who want to come to Turkey as a student register through the school here, and then the transaction is made. When entering Turkey for the purpose of studying here, if it is a country with a printed visa, it is necessary to come with a student visa. Within the scope of this visa, he/she will be able to enter Turkey and then turn it into a short-term student residence card and stay in Turkey for the period defined.

    When foreign students want to study in any state institution in our country, they must first take the Foreign Student Exam (YÖS). Based on this exam result and previous trainings, applications are accepted through the department. If the person will progress in the university, graduate or doctorate category, then he / she has to submit his previous diplomas as well. In order to present the contents of diplomas and previous educations, they should also document their transcripts. All these documents must be translated by a sworn translator and submitted with notarization. Another important detail in these education categories is that an application for equivalence must be made in order to document the conformity of the content of the department to which the person applied.

    Before applying for a student residence permit, equivalence applications are based on the level of education the person received in his country. It is very important for determining the equivalence and eligibility of the department of graduation. The subject of directly accepting the application to the department in the form of this document or taking additional courses will be accompanied by this equivalence document. Equivalence applications are made to the Higher Education Institution. The official equivalence document obtained from here will also be submitted with other documents when applying to the school.

    Documents Required for Turkey Student Visa Application

    • The printout of the short-term student residence permit application form filled online
    • Passport or equivalent document (Passport duration must be valid for at least 1 year)
    • 4 biometric photographs (with white background and taken in the last 6 months)
    • 1 year valid health insurance
    • It must be submitted as a document showing the address (lease contract, dormitory documents, if you are going to stay with someone, the address commitment document is notarized).

    Student residence permits are mostly given for 1 year, depending on the education period of the person. Depending on the duration of the education, it must be extended without a break by applying for renewal every year. Extension applications start 60 days after the expiry of the student residence permit and must be continued without a break. The duration of student residence permits must be followed accurately and extension applications must be made without delay. In order not to fall behind in education, student residence permit periods should be followed very accurately.

    Since student residence permits are given to individuals for their education life, their continuity in education is also compulsory. Each school shows a certain number of days in its scope as a compulsory attendance period. Those who do not comply with this period can be notified to the Provincial Immigration Administration by the school and even an action can be initiated against you until the residence permit is canceled. For this reason, student residence permits and attendance times require a separate sensitivity.

    If the applicant is under the age of 18, then he / she must be accompanied by their legal guardian or a guardian accompanied by a consent letter in order to apply here. If their biological parents are not here, they must be entrusted to a legal guardian with their consent.

    Inforeigner for student residence permit

    As Inforeigner, we accompany you in student residence permit applications. If you wish, we also serve you in the processes of Foreign Student Exam applications, application to the desired department after the exam, and equivalence applications while you are still in your country. After school registration, we serve you for short-term student residence permit applications and for extension permit applications when it expires.

    If you wish to communicate with our residence permit specialists and get support from us before the exam, during the school selection process and in the registration process, if you want to move forward in the steps of applying for a student residence permit in Turkey, you can reach us at the numbers 0312 963 10 49 in Ankara, 0224 322 06 46 in Bursa, 0232 335 15 78 in Izmir, Antalya 0242 255 07 24, Istanbul 0212 706 79 67.