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    Turkey Residence Permit Fees

    Turkey Residence Permit Fees

    Foreign nationals who come to Turkey and want to live in Turkey for a certain period of time are required to apply for a residence permit and pay Turkey residence permit fees. Residence permit is the type of permit foreign nationals should apply to if they want to stay in Turkey for a longer period of time than these permits, even if they have entered the country with an electronic visa, printed visa or visa exemption. Residence permit applications are made online through the Immigration Management system. First of all, the most suitable Turkey short-term residence permit category will be selected for the application, and then transactions are made through this category. Short term residence permit procedures;

    1-Touristic Residence Permit

    It is not necessary to submit any special documents to apply for a tourist residence permit, and it will be sufficient for them to declare that they will stay in Turkey for touristic purposes. The application forms will also be filled in through the Immigration Administration system through this category and the necessary information will be declared in the most accurate way. Here, the most important information is the passport or identity information that the person enters the country. Subsequently, information such as the place where the person will stay, how he / she will make his / her livelihood during his / her stay here, and his / her financial situation are questioned. Entering the information in the most accurate and descriptive way is of great importance for the result of your application. Tourist residence permit documents must be submitted in the most accurate way in accordance with your application category.

    After filling the application form, the appointment information on the provincial immigration administration is opened in the system and you are expected to choose the most appropriate one among these free time slots. You must be ready with your documents at this chosen appointment. Before the appointment, you must also pay the Turkey residence permit fees and submit the original receipts in your file.

    2-Family Residence Permit

    Persons who are entitled to apply for a family residence permit are the families of foreign nationals or Turkish citizens living in Turkey with a work permit. It is considered that this person is to be shown as a sponsor for the application and that this person is obliged to look after the applicants within the scope of this residence permit. Mandatory documents vary depending on whether the person is a company employee, company owner or investor. Company employees will present a registry gazette, activity certificate, signature circular and tax plate. If the sponsor is an employee of the company, then he/she must declare his/her income with the current payrolls of the last 3 months. While the application is being processed, the sponsor can benefit the applicant through his/her own Social Security Institution.

    Most of the family residence permit application form proceeds through the information of the person, and most of the application documents state the income level and status of the sponsor. While these documents are being prepared, the Turkish residence permit fees must also be paid and the original receipts must be attached to the document file. With these documents, the applicant and the sponsor must attend the appointment together and submit the documents. If this aforementioned residence permit is approved and continued for 3 years without an interruption with extension applications, the right to apply for citizenship is acquired.

    3- Student Residence Permit

    By obtaining a student residence permit, foreign nationals can acquire the right to live legally in Turkey. In order to obtain a student residence permit, first of all, the person must register for education in an institution affiliated with the Higher Education Institution. Afterwards, Turkey residence permit application form should be filled for residence permit. Following the completion of the residence permit application form, documents must be prepared in accordance with the student residence permit category. These documents must be in the desired format, order and, if necessary, translations must be notarized. Along with all these documents, it is obligatory to submit the originals of the receipt among the documents by paying the residence permit fees and fees before attending the appointment at the Provincial Immigration Administration.

    4- Long Term Residence Permit

    Long-term residence permit is the residence category where the legal stay in Turkey has exceeded 8 years and people who continue through residence permit extension procedures without interruption during this period can apply. In this category, the person can reside in Turkey without re-renewal when the approval is received. During the residence permit, days are counted to sort the days of stay in the country and it is expected to provide enough days. A long-term residence permit application form will be filled in for the person and he/she must be present at the appointment at the Provincial Immigration Office with all the documents. Following the application procedures, Turkey residence permit fees are paid before the appointment.

    Residence permit fees vary depending on the nationality of the person, the number of the application. Due to the variability, most of the time, single entry fee payments can be made, different from the amount that appears on the application form. If the amount has been paid incompletely, it may be requested to be paid at the appointment, or if it is an unscheduled transaction, you are required to pay it within the time declared to you by falling into the missing document transaction. Even if your application is negative, these Turkey residence permit fees are not refunded. These fees must be paid during the application process.

    Residence permit fees are paid through the Tax Office, not online, due to the amounts varying on an individual basis. In order to pay this fee, a special tax number for foreigners must be allocated to the person. With this tax number, payment is made at the tax office. Tax numbers can be obtained online to avoid crowds in tax offices. The required tax number can be obtained by selecting the special tax number operation for foreigners and entering the mandatory information through the interactive tax office. The aforementioned residence permit fee amounts also vary depending on whether it is an extension application or the length of the applied period.

    Turkey residence permit applications are processed on the above-mentioned categories, and the application process should be started by selecting the category that best suits your situation for the permit. In this context, it is necessary to inform you of your documents and to guide you how and in what format the documents will be prepared. As Inforeigner, we listen to your situation for your application process and then we can draw up the most suitable road map for your application together with you. Throughout this process, we are carrying it out with you in the follow-up of all the stages and you can meet with our expert consultants for all the issues you have in mind.

    To contact us for residence permit fees in Turkey, you can use our contact addresses on our site or you can reach us at Antalya 0242 255 07 24, Ankara 0312 963 10 49, Izmir 0232 335 15 78, Istanbul 0212 706 79 67, Bursa 0224 322 06 46.