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    Turkey Family Residence Permit

    Turkey Family Residence Permit

    Turkey Family Residence Permit is a type of residence permit that a foreign national married to a Turkish citizen or one of two foreign national spouses who have legally resided in Turkey for at least 1 year can obtain a sponsor and prove their income.

    One of the most important conditions for obtaining a family residence permit is to apply before the expiry of the foreigner’s visa, visa exemption or residence permit. The other is that the income and insurance status of the sponsor business is sufficient. In addition to these, the documents to be specified below must be prepared completely.

    Documents Required for Family Residence Permit

    Documents Required from Foreigner who is Applying;

    • Passport
    • Biometric photo
    • Private health insurance if necessary
    • Appointment and application form
    • Fee payment receipts

    Documents Requested from Sponsor (Spouse);

    • Photocopy of identity card
    • Marriage certificate and required page copies
    • Document showing that it is registered in the address registration system
    • Criminal record history
    • Health insurance covering all family members
    • SSI service breakdown full casting with barcode
    • Payroll of the last 3 months of the employee
    • If the owner of the company belongs to the company (current activity certificate, registry newspaper, tax plate and signature circular)

    Note: Passport validity must be at least 2 months longer than the requested period.

    How to Get a Family Residence Permit Appointment?

    Turkey family residence permit appointment is made through the online system of the Immigration Administration in the city where the foreigner resides. If we list the issues to be considered when making an appointment;

    • Passport number entered correctly,
    • Paying attention to the application date and requested deadlines
    • The foreigner’s visa or visa exemption period has not expired
    • Supporting spouse’s information is entered correctly, his income is sufficient and can be proven

    Appointment dates vary according to the foreigner’s residence. In Istanbul, the system does not give the opportunity to choose an appointment date and determines it automatically, while in other provinces the appointment date can be selected and received in a shorter time. Appointment dates are given to future dates due to the high number of foreigners in Istanbul, and for now, documents are sent by cargo without going to an appointment due to the pandemic. However, in provinces such as Antalya, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, the Antalya Migration Management, Izmir Immigration Administration, Ankara Immigration Administration and Bursa Migration Management, appointments can be made close and transactions can be concluded in a shorter time.

    How to apply for a Turkey Family Residence Permit?

    Family residence permit application is made with the registration form and appointment made after entering the information on the online system to the Provincial Immigration Administration in the province where the foreigner resides. Applications can be made by the foreigner himself or by intermediary institutions and third parties. The responsibility for the accuracy of the information entered during the application is completely foreign. The foreigner has to submit the application form to the Immigration Administration along with other documents required to obtain a residence permit, provided that they are signed.

    How much is Turkey Family Residence Permit Fees?

    The fees paid by the foreigner to the Republic of Turkey for obtaining a Turkey Family Residence Permit vary according to the nationality of the foreigner and the dollar rate on the date of application. For example, a foreigner who is a Bulgarian citizen pays a residence fee of 80 dollars, while a Tunisian foreigner pays a residence fee of 10.5 dollars.

    In addition, a single entry visa fee is also paid for citizens of some countries who come with visa exemption, depending on their nationality.

    Another example is that German citizens who pay a residence fee of $ 80 while obtaining a short-term residence permit are exempt from fees if they wish to obtain Family Residence through marriage with a Turkish citizen.

    In addition to the expenses of state fees, there will be private health insurance policy expenses according to the age of the foreigner, notary expenses for the evidentiary documents related to the address and consultancy and application service expenses in case of working with a consultancy firm.

    For these highly variable calculations, you can make all your transactions and payments completely and accurately by using our experienced and expert services.

    Things to Know for Turkey Family Residence Permit

    How Many Days Is A Family Residence Permit Issued?

    Although the family residence permit normally ends within 3 months in the province of Istanbul, the process may take longer due to the pandemic. In other provinces, the finalization process takes less time as the foreign population is less.

    How long can a Family Residence Permit be obtained?

    Family Residence Permit can be obtained for 1, 2 or 3 years depending on the passport duration of the foreigner, insurance and job status of the sponsoring spouse. In order to evaluate your situation in detail and to make the most accurate application, you can reach our expert consultants through the communication channels on our website.

    How to Renew a Family Residence Permit?

    In order to renew the family residence permit, an extension application must be made from the day the foreigner remains 2 months to the expiry of the current residence permit until the last day of the residence permit. In the applications made, it should be paid attention that the passport period of the foreigner is at least 2 months longer than the requested period. The past status of the foreigner, the job and insurance status of the sponsoring spouse are also important for the evaluation and positive result of the application.

    Can a foreigner with a family residence permit change to a Short Term Residence Permit?

    Foreign nationals who have been married to a Turkish citizen with a family residence permit for 3 years can switch to a Short Term Residence Permit after their divorce. Or, there is a chance to obtain a short-term residence permit if the divorce proceedings prove this. Foreign nationals who are subjected to violence by their spouses and who do not live in family unity and who do not have the chance to obtain a family residence permit can also switch to a short-term residence permit after a family residence permit, if they can prove that they have been subjected to violence by court decision.

    How can the Family Residence Permit Card be obtained urgently?    

    Family residence permit can be obtained more quickly in provinces where foreigners other than Istanbul are few. It can be obtained more quickly from the Antalya Immigration Administration, Izmir Immigration Administration, Bursa Immigration Administration, Ankara Immigration Administration. You can call our consultants on 0212 706 96 14 to apply.