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    Turkey Caregiver and Employee Work Permit

    Turkey Caregiver and Employee Work Permit

    Welcome to our Turkey caregiver and employee work permit page.

    Persons who come to Turkey and want to work as a caregiver at home or as a housekeeper must first obtain a work permit. With this work permit, they can legally work in Turkey by earning income. It is the profession group that foreign nationals prefer to work in our country, and this line of work is highly supported in the name of employment.

    Certain conditions are observed in order to obtain a work permit in this category. If the person wants to get a work permit to provide carer service, then an application must be made through a child under the age of 15. If the work permit is through aged care, then there must be an aged care over the age of 65. If a work permit will be obtained from a person in need of care outside of these age ranges, then the disease must be reported with reports. If a work permit application is to be made over this because the person is disabled, then the disability rate must be 50% and this must be documented by the delegation report obtained from the hospital.

    Turkey caregiver and attendant work permit applications are generally deemed appropriate for female employees, but not for male employees unless there is a very extraordinary situation. Applications can be made both as a domestic application and as an international application. It is compulsory to have a valid residence permit for those who want to make a domestic application. For those who do not have a residence permit, either an application abroad will be made or a process will be initiated to obtain a valid residence permit. Applications are made over the electronic signature of the employer. Employer registration will be created for home services through the system of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, and then an application will be made with an electronic signature.

    Turkey caregiver and employee work permit applications

    In domestic applications, the whole process is carried out through the online system and the documents are scanned and uploaded to the system. In case of any missing documents, you will be notified via the address of the contact you specified in this application, and you will be asked to obtain and upload to the system within the specified days.

    Failure to enter insurance before the applications are finalized; After the work permit of a caregiver and attendant in Turkey is approved, it should be started by logging in. In foreign work permit applications, the application for the person is made personally from our foreign representative offices (embassy, ​​consulate). Registration to the system is created from here, and then the transaction is carried out through the foreign representation office. When the first approval is received, the person will submit his / her passport to the foreign representation office and then a work visa will be issued on his / her passport. With this printed visa, he/she will officially enter Turkey. Within the following 30 days, an application record for SSI will be created.

    By creating a state incentive support for people who will work in household services, it provides a discount in the insurance to be paid if the first work permit application of both the employer and the worker is. It is the employer’s responsibility to make the employee’s insurance payments and must be paid regularly every month. Persons with a work permit have the right to reside in Turkey within the same period. Likewise, when the work permit expires, the residence permits expire.

    Turkey exhibits a highly encouraging and supportive attitude towards foreigners in employing caregivers and attendants. We, as Inforeigner, provide professional consultancy services on employment of foreign servants or caregivers. We can execute your employee applications either domestically or abroad.

    In order to get more detailed information about caregiver and employee work permit in Turkey and to meet with our work experts, you can contact our immigration consultants at Antalya 0242 255 07 24, Ankara 0312 963 10 49, İzmir 0232 335 15 78, Istanbul 0212 706 79 67, Bursa 0224 322 06 46.