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    Turkey Business Visa

    Turkey Business Visa

    Welcome to the Turkey business visa page. The Republic of Turkey has classified visa application types according to the purpose of arrival in accordance with the visa policy. There are many types of visas classified according to purposes such as tourist, student, working, family reunion, assembly, treatment. Business visas are also included in these types of visas. There are two ways you can apply for a business visa. These are applications to be made in person to Turkish foreign representatives and e-Visa applications to be made online over the internet. A business visa should not be confused with a work visa. The purpose of the work visa is to obtain pre-approval for entry to Turkey for working purposes. A person who comes with a work visa can apply for a work permit in Turkey and can stay for a long time. However, a foreign citizen who enters the country with a commercial visa can stay in Turkey for the duration of the visa and its purpose can be business negotiations, meetings or visits for a short time. We will explain the applications to be made to the Turkish foreign representative offices and electronic visa applications over the internet, respectively.

    How To Apply For Turkey Business Visa?

    With the development of technology in the world, many business sectors have started to spread out of their own countries. Major developments in the fields of import and export and increasing human needs have led to an increase in commercial relations between countries. In this context, many countries provide visa convenience to many foreign country citizens who will invest in their own country or establish commercial relations with companies in their country. Visa policy has been established by the Republic of Turkey for the countries of the world. Within the visa policy established, some foreign country citizens are offered the opportunity to apply for a visa on the internet and from Turkish foreign representative offices for Turkey commercial visa. For some foreign nationals, visa applications have been provided only from Turkish foreign representative offices. In both cases, the foreign citizen must travel for business purposes.

    Visa Application to Turkish Foreign Representatives

    Foreign citizens who plan to travel to the Republic of Turkey for business purposes can apply for a visa from the Turkish foreign representative offices. Visa applications to be made are made in person and by submitting printed documents. Some documents are requested by Turkish foreign representatives, from foreign nationals applying for a business visa. The documents generally requested by the foreign representation are listed below:

    • Passport valid for a minimum of 6 months
    • Biometric photo taken within the last 6 months (must have a white background)
    • Book a flight
    • Hotel reservation for accommodation
    • Work information
    • An invitation letter from the company that will carry out commercial activities in Turkey

    The list of documents presented above is generally requested by the Turkish foreign representative offices. The list of documents varies according to the nationality of the foreign country citizen to apply for a visa or the foreign representative offices to which they apply. In order to learn the required documents, it will be beneficial to contact the Turkish foreign representative office located in the jurisdiction of the country you reside abroad. It is a mandatory matter that all documents requested by the foreign representation are to be prepared accurately and completely. If there is any mistake or lack of in the documents prepared, your visa application may result in negative results or be deemed invalid. After the preparation of the requested documents, you must attend the Turkey business visa application appointment. If you go to the representative office late on the appointment date or do not go to the representation in any way, your application may be considered invalid. Make sure to be at the representative office on the appointment date. If you complete all the procedures, an evaluation will be made by the Turkish foreign representative. If the evaluation is positive, you can enter Turkey.

    Invitation Letter to be prepared within the scope of Turkey Business Visa

    In business visa applications to be made from Turkish foreign representative offices, a visa invitation letter for a foreign country citizen is requested by the company in Turkey. The visa invitation letter to be prepared must contain some important issues and these issues must be proven with documents. Visa invitation letters are a supporting document for foreign nationals to obtain a visa. While preparing the invitation, the first thing to do is to include the date information in the invitation letter. Generally, the date information is located in the upper right corner of the invitation card. Make sure that the date of preparation of the invitation letter is a maximum of 1 month between the application date of the foreign national who will apply for a visa. In the applications to be made, this situation is taken into consideration by the Turkish foreign representative offices. A long time between the preparation date of the invitation letter and the visa application date may create a negative opinion in the evaluation of the application.

    After the date information is included, the thing that should be included in the invitation is that the information about the inviting person or institution should be included in the letter. The tax registration number of the inviting company must be included in the invitation letter to be prepared within the scope of the Turkish commercial visa. At the same time, it is necessary to undertake that all accommodation and other essential needs of the person who will apply for a visa will be met by the company during their visit to Turkey.

    The commitment must be supported by the necessary documents. The name, address, contact and authorized information of the company should also be included in the invitation letter. Another detail that should be included in the invitation is the personal information of the foreign citizen applying for a visa. The information of the foreign citizen should be based on the information on the passport while specifying the information on the invitation. This information should include data such as name, surname, place and date of birth, passport number, address of residence. In addition, information about the duration of the visit to Turkey and where to stay during the visit should also be included in the invitation letter. The foreign country citizen who will apply for a visa should indicate in this invitation the sufficient and regular fee received.

    Submission of the Visa Invitation Letter

    Where and how the invitation letter will be submitted varies depending on the Turkish foreign representative office to be applied. While e-mail and fax are accepted by some representative offices, they are accepted by some representatives through a notary or through the person applying for a visa. In order to avoid any unjust treatment, it would be beneficial to contact the Turkish foreign representative offices that you will apply beforehand.

    Turkey Business Visa Electronic Visa Application

    Nowadays, with the help of technology, obtaining visas has become easier from the states for travels between countries. The Republic of Turkey offers e-Visa opportunities to the citizens of the country it determines in accordance with its visa policy. Electronic visa is made over the internet without the need to apply to the Turkish representative office. The advantages of online visa application are that you pay less fee without going to the representative office. In this way, you will save both money and time. When applying for an electronic visa for a Turkey business visa, the first thing is to enter the nationality and passport type through the system.

    After the entry of the information, you will see the visa validity period, fee and duration of stay in Turkey. After the necessary information, you should go to the area where the Personal information is located. You must provide complete and accurate personal information and not make any mistakes. If the information you provide is incomplete and incorrect, your visa is considered invalid. After filling in the personal information field, documents that vary according to the country of citizenship are uploaded. After the transaction, the fees determined by the Republic of Turkey on a country basis must be paid. Payment for Electronic visa applications are not approved within the scope of Turkey commercial visa. You can pay by credit card or debit card. The card to be paid does not have to belong to the foreign citizen applying for a visa. Payment is also made with a card belonging to another person.

    Prerequisites for Electronic Visa Application

    One of the important issues in electronic visa applications is the preconditions. Prerequisites are required by the Republic of Turkey from citizens of certain countries to enter the country. These prerequisites must be fulfilled, as well as demonstrable. In the event that the prerequisites are not met and not declared and if this issue is detected during the controls to be made during the entrance to Turkey, the visa is considered invalid and entry into the country is not allowed. The preconditions generally requested by the Republic of Turkey are stated below:

    • Declaration and acceptance of the return ticket, hotel reservation and 50 dollars for each day of stay
    • Acknowledgment of having a valid supporting document (Schengen visa or valid residence permit, visa or valid residence permit from one of the USA, Ireland and UK states),
    • Declaration and acknowledgment that the validity period of the passport covers the period of stay in Turkey
    • Traveling with the airline company designated by the Turkish authorities

    The above-mentioned prerequisites must be met and accepted. These conditions vary according to the country of citizenship. You can apply for a visa if the prerequisites are met. If all the information is entered completely, you can get an electronic visa after the payment process is completed. You can download your online visa after your application through the system or via the link sent to your e-mail address. Remember, the approval of your visa application does not necessarily mean that you can enter Turkey. It has the authority to deny permission to Turkey for border officials to enter the country without providing any reason.

    How Long Can You Stay in Turkey With the Visa Taken Within the Scope of Turkey Business Visa?

    For all visas you have received in accordance with the visa policy of the Republic of Turkey, your stay in Turkey is determined as 90 days within the last 180 days at most. The reduction of this period is under the authority of Turkish foreign representative offices. In electronic visa applications made over the internet, the periods are determined by the official authorities which varies for each country. In electronic visa applications, you have the opportunity to see the duration of stay in Turkey in advance. However, you are informed about your visa stay at the end of your application in personal applications to Turkish foreign representative offices.

    If you want to get more detailed information about Turkish commercial visa or consultancy on different issues, you can reach us from the information in communication section.