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    Regaining Turkish Citizenship

    Regaining Turkish Citizenship

    Dear visitor, welcome to our page on Regaining Turkish Citizenship. There are two methods of recovery for people who have lost Turkish citizenship. While the first of these is the acquisition of Turkish citizenship again without the requirement of residence, the other is the acquisition of Turkish citizenship again based on residence. In the rest of our article, you can find detailed information about these 2 application methods:

    Regaining Without Requiring Residence Requirement

    Let’s examine the application without seeking the residence time condition, which is the first option of the process of regaining Turkish citizenship. Article 13 of the Law, that is, acquisition of Turkish citizenship afterwards is possible with the decision of the competent authority or by adoption or the right to choose. Again, the persons specified in Article 43 of the law, namely the persons who can apply for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship regarding the decisions of the competent authority:

    • Those who lost Turkish citizenship by obtaining a renunciation permit.
    • Those who lose their Turkish citizenship against their will due to their parents and those who do not use their right to vote within three years after they reach the age of 18 (adulthood).

    Important Note: In accordance with the provision in Article 27 of Law No. 5901- If the mother or father who lost Turkish citizenship demands and the other spouse consents, their children will lose their Turkish citizenship together with them. In case of failure to give consent, action is taken according to the decision of the judge. Children of parents who lose Turkish citizenship together by obtaining renunciation permit also lose Turkish citizenship. If the loss of citizenship would render children stateless, the provisions of this article are not applied.

    • These persons can regain Turkish citizenship without the condition of residing in Turkey, provided that they do not have a situation that may pose an obstacle in terms of national security. The application for re-acquisition of Turkish Republic citizenship is made to the highest administrative authority of the place where the applicant is residing. In foreign countries, it is made to the Foreign Representatives of the Republic of Turkey (Turkish Consulate, Turkish Embassy).
    • They can regain Turkish citizenship with the decision of the Ministry, without seeking a residence requirement in Turkey.

    Regaining Based on Residence Condition

    Let’s come to the application to be made depending on the three-year residence condition in Turkey, which is the second option of regaining Turkish citizenship. Persons specified in Article 14 of the Law, on the other hand, can regain Turkish citizenship provided that they do not have an obstacle in terms of national security and also reside in Turkey for three years.

    These are;

    • General acquisition of Turkish citizenship
    • Exceptional acquisition of Turkish citizenship
    • Regaining Turkish citizenship
    • Acquisition of Turkish citizenship through marriage

    A file consisting of the following documents is prepared by the application authorities on behalf of the person who wants to regain Turkish citizenship and this file is sent to the ministry. The documents that should be in this file are as follows in general terms:

    • Form petition stating the request.
    • A copy of the identity register taken from the system by the application authorities.
    • Passport or similar document indicating which state the person is a citizen of, if the person is stateless, the document regarding this if it is possible to obtain it.
    • Document showing the civil status.
    • Document showing the changes in the civil status of the person after the loss of Turkish citizenship, if any.
    • If the person is married, a copy of the birth certificate or a similar document showing the family ties of his spouse and children.
    • If the identity information of the person has changed after the loss of Turkish citizenship, the document showing these changes.
    • A document showing the entry and exit dates of the country taken from the police headquarters of the province where the person who wants to regain the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey in accordance with Article 14 of the Law, has resided in Turkey for 3 years without interruption from the date of application. In addition, a residence permit with sufficient time to conclude the citizenship procedure forward from the application date.
    • A receipt showing that the required service fee has been paid to the finance authorities.

    A petition is received from individuals stating when and for what reason they lost their Turkish citizenship, their file numbers if they know, and whether they have acquired citizenship of another state. If there is a change in the marital status of the person after losing his/her Turkish citizenship, the relevant documents must be attached to the petition. The file prepared for those who want to be reinstated to Turkish citizenship is checked by us and sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs after completing the deficiencies, if any, by stating the opinions of the governorship or consulate, if any. As a result of the evaluations and researches carried out, the Ministry of Interior and the Prime Ministry authorities make a proposal for the acceptance of Turkish citizenship of those whose requests for Turkish citizenship are approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Those whose status is deemed unsuitable are rejected for reinstatement. The decisions taken on naturalization procedures are notified to the applicant and the application authorities. The old records in the population registers of those who have been reinstated to Turkish citizenship are also revived.

    Off the Record Channels

    In the event that people who lost their Turkish citizenship for any reason and were not registered in the writing, regain Turkish citizenship; these persons shall be registered to the administrative unit where they were registered on the date they lost their Turkish citizenship, to the household where their mother, father and siblings were registered, if any, or to the next household from the last digit of that administrative unit. After that, population events are recorded in their records.

    The child born before the renunciation of the mother or father who has been granted permission to renounce Turkish citizenship and not registered in the family registry is registered in the household where the mother or father is registered. After the registration process, the Ministry is informed about the processes regarding the exit permit for the child. Registration is closed by the Ministry, depending on the mother and father, by making the exit permit process.

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