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    Turkish Citizenship for Philippines Citizens

    Turkish Citizenship for Philippines Citizens

    Turkish Citizenship for Philippines Citizens

    Turkish citizenship is acquired as a result of the application made my a foreign national who has completed their legal living in Turkey or who fulfills exceptional conditions, to the Provincial Population Directorates in the province where they reside, after the approval of the application by the competent authorities of the State and the Commission.

    The question of what are the conditions for acquiring Turkish citizenship is one of the most enquired one. The acquisition of Turkish citizenship and the conditions required to be a Turkish citizen vary according to the type of Turkish citizenship application to be made.


    General Overview of Turkish Citizenship

    There are procedures and documents to be prepared by foreigners who want to work in any company/institution in Turkey, obtain a residence permit accordingly and acquire Turkish citizenship after a specific period of time. We are aware of how difficult this process, which can often be long, complicated and tiring for foreigners who do not know Turkey well and cannot speak or understand Turkish well, and for Turkish employers who want to employ these foreigners in their organization.

    As Inforeigner Services, we are ready in every way to assist you in these processes with our staff of experienced experts.

    Inforeigner experts provide consultancy services to foreigners you want to work with in Turkey, regarding the official applications to be made to the relevant Ministries and institutions, the documents to be submitted during these applications, the procedures to be carried out and the steps to be followed so that they can reside and work in Turkey without facing any legal problems.

    Information on the processes to be followed and the documents to be prepared in order to acquire Turkish citizenship are given below. Information on work permit and residence permit can be found in other tabs.


    Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship

    • Turkish citizenship acquired by birth: Turkish citizenship acquired by birth is automatically acquired on the basis of lineage or place of birth. Citizenship acquired by birth takes effect from the moment of birth.
    • Turkish citizenship acquired later: If a foreigner who wishes to acquire Turkish citizenship accepts dual citizenship in his/her own State, If he/she fulfills the conditions specified in the Citizenship Law, he/she can acquire Turkish citizenship with the decision of the competent authority. However, it should be emphasized that meeting the required conditions does not provide an absolute right to acquire citizenship.


    Requirements of Turkish Citizenship

    • The applicant must be of age according to the laws of the country of citizenship, and if he is stateless, he must be 18 years old according to the Turkish Civil Code.
    • One’s ability of discretion
    • To live legally in Turkey for at least 5 years uninterruptedly before the application (Short-term residence permits obtained for tourism purposes are not taken into account in the application for citizenship.)
    • To show by his/her behavior that he has decided to settle in Turkey (Buying real estate, opening a business and employing Turkish citizens etc.)
    • The absence of a dangerous disease that threatens public health
    • Having good morals and following the rules of etiquette
    • Knowing and speaking a sufficient amount of Turkish
    • Not to be a threat to national security and public order
    • Having enough income to stay in Turkey


    Turkish Citizenship by Marriage

    Article 16 of the Turkish Citizenship Law (No. 5901) includes the conditions of acquiring Turkish citizenship by marriage. This law and the regulation on the implementation of the law contain the requirements for Turkish citizenship application of foreign nationals who are married to a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, and the application procedures and principles.


    Conditions of Acquiring Turkish Citizenship By Marriage

    Being married to a citizen of the Republic of Turkey does not give a Philippines citizen the right to become a Turkish citizen directly. Marriage does not even give a foreign national the right to reside in Turkey. These are processes that are completely separate from each other and must be managed correctly. The conditions for acquiring Turkish citizenship are regulated in Article 16 of the citizenship Law (No.5901). In accordance with the text of the relevant law, a foreign national must comply with the following conditions in order to acquire Turkish citizen through his/her Turkish citizen spouse:

    • A Philippines national applying for Turkish citizenship must stay married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years. It is also necessary that this marriage is authentic.
    • Spouses must live in family unity.
    • The Philippines national should not be engaged in activities contrary to the union of the marriage.
    • The Philippines person should not be in a situation that threatens the public security.


    Philippines citizens in Turkey can apply for citizenship to the population directorates in their area of settlement if they meet the above conditions. If a Turkish citizen spouse dies after the application, the second condition in the list above, namely the family union of the spouses is not sought. The Philippines national can become a Turkish citizen if he / she meets the other conditions. However, Philippines nationals who acquire Turkish citizenship by marriage, in a situation such as the annulment of the marriage, continue to keep the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey (except for extraordinary situations).


    Documents Required for Turkish Citizenship Acquisition

    In the application made for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by marriage, an application file must be prepared and all documents must be submitted in full. Although the documents required in this application are listed below, there may also be documents that may change or be added depending on the personal situation of the applicant foreigner. For this reason, we recommend that you carry out your application through our Inforeigner experts. The required documents are:

    • Completely filled Turkish citizenship application form (Referred to as VAT-6)
    • Request petition stating the request for application and other matters, if any, to be transferred.
    • Photocopy of the identity card of the Turkish citizen spouse of the Indonesian national.
    • A copy of the applicant’s passport or similar document with a notarized, Turkish translation.
    • Translation of the Philippines spouse’s birth certificate in Turkish and a notarized copy.
    • A photocopy of the persons’ marriage certificate.
    • Formula B International marriage registration.
    • For Philippines nationals whose place of residence is in Turkey, they submit the photocopies of their last residence permit and, if applicable, previous residence permits.
    • Documents showing that the spouses live in a family union are also required. As proof here, documents such as the lease agreement, invoices, bank account, etc., are accepted.
    • 2 biometric photos taken within the last 6 months, in accordance with ICAO standards, with a white background.
    • If there is a finalized court decision about the Philippines national due to any crime, a notarized copy of this decision is added to the application.
    • The file is completed with the receipt showing that the citizenship application service fee has been paid to the relevant cashier.


    Procedures and Principles of Turkish Citizenship by Marriage

    In the regulation numbered 5901 on the implementation of citizenship law, after the application, the procedures and principles related to the processing of the application by the application authorities and the acquisition of citizenship are mentioned. People who meet the conditions listed in Article 16 of this law can gain the right to apply for Turkish citizenship by the method of marriage. An evaluation is carried out by the application authorities about the foreign national who makes the application. After the completion of this review, if the following results are seen, the person’s application is not accepted and the necessary information is provided on the subject:

    • If it is understood that he/she has not been married to a citizen of the Republic of Turkey for at least three years, the application is rejected.
    • If it is understood that the marriage related to the application is terminated due to a reason such as the death of the spouse of the Republic of Turkey, before the date of divorce or citizenship application, the application is rejected.
    • If it is understood that the applicant foreigner is in the judicial process or convicted or detained due to any crime, the application is rejected.
    • The applications of those who are understood to be unable to submit the Turkish citizenship application documents requested in accordance with Article 26 of the regulation, as detailed above, are also not accepted.


    Turkish Citizenship by Investment for Philippines Citizens

    Below, we will try to provide you with all the information you need in 2021 about obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment for Philippines citizens.

    It is possible to acquire Turkish Citizenship through methods such as real estate purchase, capital investment, employment creation, debt instrument purchase, deposits and funds.

    A-) Turkish Citizenship Acquisition Conditions by Investment

    With the amendment numbered 418 on 07.12.2018, which was published in the Official Gazette on 19.09.2018 and with the decision number 106 of the Presidency, foreigners will be able to acquire Turkish citizenship if they meet at least one of the following conditions.

    1-) Turkish Citizenship with Fixed Capital Investment of 500,000 USD or its equivalent

    2-) Turkish Citizenship with the Purchase of Real Estate worth a minimum of 250,000 USD

    3-) Turkish Citizenship with Employment Creation for a minimum of 50 people

    4-) Turkish Citizenship by Depositing in Banks by depositing a minimum of 500,000 USD or the equivalent of a different foreign currency or Turkish Lira with banks operating in the Republic of Turkey.

    5-) Turkish Citizenship with Government Debt Instruments (minimum amount of USD 500,000 or a different foreign currency or Turkish Lira equivalent)

    6-) Turkish Citizenship with Mutual Fund Participation Share of minimum 500.000 USD or a different foreign currency or Turkish Lira equivalent

    In determining all monetary values mentioned above, the CBRT (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey) selling rate or cross rate on the date of determination is taken as basis.


    B-) The Process of Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Investment

    In the process of acquiring Turkish citizenship by investment method, the following 3 stages should be proceeded:

    B1) Fulfilling at least one of the investment conditions specified in Article 20 of the relevant regulation and obtaining a Certificate of Conformity from the relevant institution.

    B2) Obtaining Turkey Short Term Residence Permit in accordance with Law No.6458, Article 31, first paragraph, subparagraph J.

    B3) Turkish citizenship application by investment.


    In addition, those who applied for Turkish citizenship through investment have the right to acquire a new Turkish name and surname. In this case, the foreigner’s Turkish ID or passport will be arranged according to the preferred name and surname. This procedure is not mandatory, foreign investors can also obtain a Turkish ID and passport to be issued in their own name.


    Conclusion of the Application Process

    A commission is formed by the relevant ministries, the citizenship applications of foreigners are evaluated and submitted to the Presidency for approval. The final decision is made by the President.

    Obtaining the certificate of eligibility, short-term residence permit application in Turkey, receiving the residence permit card and submitting the documents and information required for Turkish citizenship application can be concluded remotely with a special power of attorney without the need for foreigners to enter the country. However, at the final stage when the application is finalized, the applicant and the first degree family members (spouse and children under 18) on whose behalf the application is made should go to the nearest population directorate and be present to obtain their Turkish citizen IDs or passports by submitting fingerprints.

    There is no official regulation on the length of application processes. Turkey short-term residence permit applications are usually finalized within 2 (two) – 3 (three) weeks. Turkish citizenship applications are concluded between 4 (four) – 8 (eight) months.

    As Inforeigner, we provide consultancy and follow-up services regarding the entire process in terms of capital investment, real estate purchase, employment creation and gaining the right to apply for Turkish citizenship through deposits, funds and borrowing instruments. You can reach us from our contact page or our other contact information for your Turkish citizenship procedures through investment.


    For more detailed information on the Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship, please refer to our page ‘Turkish Citizenship’.

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