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    Turkey Work Permit Refusal for Indian Citizens

    Turkey Work Permit Refusal for Indian Citizens

    Turkey Work Permit Refusal for Indian Citizens

    Why is work permit denied?

    The reasons for rejection of the work permit application are regulated in Article 9 of the International Labour Law No. 6735, and the Ministry gives a rejection decision for the applications of those who meet one of these conditions. In accordance with the text of the law in the said law, the reasons for refusal of Turkey work Permit Visa for Indian citizens are as follows:

    • Applications outside the International Labor Policy;
    • Applications made by falsifying documents and information;
    • Situations where the employer’s reason for employing foreigners is deemed insufficient;
    • Applications made to professions prohibited to foreigners in Turkey;
    • Applications of Indian citizens who do not have the qualifications and expertise specified in the application;
    • Applications that do not meet the criteria determined by the MoLSS (Ministry of Labour and Social Security);
    • Foreigners who are not allowed to enter Turkey according to Article 7 of the Foreigners Law No. 6458, foreigners who will not be granted a visa according to Article 15, foreigners who have been deported according to Article 54;
    • Indian nationals who pose a threat to public health, safety and order;
    • Applications of citizens of countries that Turkey does not recognize (it is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an exception);
    • Applications that are not completed within the legal period granted to the applicant by the Ministry are faced with the refusal of the work permit.


    Professions Prohibited to Foreigners in Turkey

    The reasons for refusal are regulated in Article 9 titled Rejection of Work Permit Application of the International Labor Law No. 6735. In the three paragraphs of the same article, it is stated that foreigners cannot work in jobs reserved for Turkish citizens by law. The professions that are prohibited for foreigners in accordance with the provisions of the law in the relevant laws are as follows:

    1. Law
    2. Dentistry
    3. Veterinary Medicine
    4. Notary
    5. Manager in Private Hospitals
    6. Tourist Guide
    7. Customs Consultancy
    8. Security Guard
    9. Performing the professions included in the Cabotage Law (diving, captain, crew, etc.)
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