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    Turkey Caregiver and Household Employee Work Permit

    Turkey Caregiver and Household Employee Work Permit

    Turkey Caregiver and Household Employee Work Permit

    It is the most preferred business category by foreigners in Turkey. If a French citizen will work in the category of work permit as a caregiver and attendant in Turkey, then there are certain conditions that must be met. The person(s) you will be responsible for taking care of must be either;

    • Child under 12 years old; or
    • Older than 65

    You can apply for a work permit through one of the above options and services. Apart from these conditions, applications are rarely accepted in special cases. Although the person is not in the specified age range, if there is a compulsory need for care, this must be presented with a committee report. In this report, if the person is disabled, the rate of disability must be 60%. After these are documented, work permit applications can be made for home services.


    What are the Documents Required for Application?

    The following documents are requested for work permit applications under this category:

    • Photocopy of a residence permit for at least six (6) months, obtained from the Police authorities in Turkey on behalf of the foreign national;
    • Notarized copy of the translation of the foreign person’s Passport by a sworn translator;
    • One passport size photograph of a foreign person. (Must have been taken within the last 6 months);
    • For domestic applications, Foreign T.C. Identity Number (This number is given to all foreigners who have a residence permit for at least 6 months);
    • Employer Application Petition to Employ Foreigners in Home Services;
    • Photocopy of the Employer’s Identity Card;
    • A copy of the employer’s certificate of identity registration and the residence document showing the address where the foreigner will work, obtained from the District Population Directorate where the employer’s residence is located;
    • Power of attorney for applications to be made by us.

    In applications for Turkey work permit as a caregiver, if the employer’s first foreign worker is employed and the employee’s first work experience, then the state provides incentives in the insurance premium and provides a worker insurance discount in monthly payments.

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