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    Turkey Work Permit For Azerbaijan Citizens

    Turkey Work Permit For Azerbaijan Citizens

    Turkey Work Permit for Azerbaijan Citizens

    Dear visitor, within the scope of visa exemption for Azerbaijan citizens, they can reside in Turkey for 90 days without the need for any visa or permit. However, they cannot practice any profession in Turkey during this period. Azerbaijan citizens must obtain a work permit in order to work in Turkey. The work permit document is issued by the ministry of Labour and Social Security and is also valid instead of a residence permit.

    Work permit applications of Azerbaijan citizens can be made in two days, domestically and abroad. Foreigners of Azerbaijan nationality residing in Turkey with a residence permit for at least 6 months can apply for a domestic work permit. Azerbaijan nationals residing abroad can apply through the Foreign Representatives of the Republic of Turkey, located in Azerbaijan or their third country of permanent residence.


    What is Dependent and Independent Work Permit?

    Independent work permit is given to foreign nationals working on their own behalf and account. Azerbaijan citizens can apply for this work permit if they work in a professional capacity. Dependent work permit is given for a specific period of time.

    Dependent work permit is issued by the ministry of Labour and Social Security to a foreigner within under an employer within the framework of an employment or service contract. The important point to be aware of here, is that the employer is the party that must apply in the dependent work permit application. Dependent work permit is not a procedure made on behalf of the foreigner. The dependent work permit application is made by the employer to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.


    Where to apply for a work permit from France?

    Azerbaijan citizens who want to come to Turkey to work purposes must first have a contract with a workplace. Afterwards, they have to submit their employment contract to the Foreign Representatives of the Republic of Turkey in Azerbaijan or the third country where they permanently reside, and request for a work permit. The application is made by submitting the employment contract to the Foreign Representative Office. In cases where the application is accepted, a 16-digit reference number is given to the applicant. After the reference number is notified to the employer, the foreigner’s work permit application is made by entering the reference number into the system by the employer.


    Documents Requested

    Documents Requested from the Employer

    • Work permit application petition (prepared by Inforeigner);
    • Foreign Personnel Application Form (prepared by Inforeigner);
    • Turkish Trade Registry Gazette showing the latest capital and partnership structure of the organization;
    • Balance sheet and profit/loss statement for the last year approved by the tax office or certified public accountant;
    • Social Security Institution Workplace Registration Number;
    • Notarized power of attorney from the person authorized to make an electronic application as “user” on behalf of the institution and organization that will employ foreign personnel

    Documents requested from the Azerbaijan citizen:

    • 16-digit Reference Number obtained by giving the employment contract to the foreign representatives of the Republic of Turkey (required for applications made from abroad);
    • Employment contract (prepared by Inforeigner);
    • Passport or notarized copy of the valid document with Turkish translation;
    • Photocopy of residence permit (Required for domestic applications);
    • 1 photo;
    • Notarized copy of the diploma translated into Turkish.


    How to apply for a Turkey work permit?

    • Turkey work permit application is carried out completely through the online process. The application is made by the employer.
    • Records can be created on the system in 3 different ways;
    • Employer registration for home services (Registration is created with the employer’s Turkish ID number)
    • Registration of foreigners working on their behalf (with foreigner identification number starting with 99)
    • New business registration (all companies)
    • In order to create a record in all these different categories, it is necessary to complete a record with an electronic signature.

    How to extend Turkey Work Permit?

    An employer who employs Azerbaijan nationals with a work permit within the framework or service contract must apply for a work permit extension. Work permit extension application is made before the expiration of the current work permit and within a maximum of 2 months retroactively.

    The work permit is given to work for a certain period of time in the declared position at the workplace specified in the employment contract. For this reason, if the foreigner changes workplace, the current work permit is canceled and the new employer requests for a work permit. If the foreigner continues to work in the same workplace, an application for an extension of the work permit is filed.

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