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    Turkey Work Permit For Afghan Citizens

    Turkey Work Permit For Afghan Citizens

    Turkey Work Permit For Afghan Citizens

    Welcome to our Turkey Work Permit for Afghan Citizens page!

    It is the type of residence permit category that Afghan citizens should apply for when they come to Turkey and want to work. The process begins by applying for a work permit. There are certain criteria that both the employer and the employee candidate must meet in order to work in another country. Here, considering the benefit of the country, the employment of a foreigner is considered only after the employment of Turkish citizens. For this reason, if it is a job category, branch or position that a Turkish citizen can do, then a Turkish citizen is preferred over a foreign employee. Each country observes the employment of its own citizens and then the employment of foreign citizens in this regard. The important thing here is the criteria of the work. If there is a specific area of ​​expertise, then it is very likely to be preferred.

    What are the required documents for a work permit application?

    • Employment contract signed between the foreign employee candidate and the employer
    • Copies of the pages of the passport
    • Copy of Diploma or equivalent document obtained from a sworn translator and approved by official authorities. A diploma is required for those who will work in a professional position. If the person will work in household services, then a diploma is not required.
    • Commercial registry gazette, which also shows the partnership structures published in the latest gazette,
    • Balance sheet approved by the tax office and certified public accountant for the most recent tax year, as well as the profit / loss statement

    Types of Turkey Work Permit for Afghan Citizens

    Temporary work permit: It is the type of permit issued to work in a specified job. If it is to be continued through the same employer, if the approval is obtained in the first application, it is mostly 1 year; 2 or 3 years of leave can be granted for extension applications.

    Indefinite work permit: It is the category to which people who have resided in Turkey continuously for 8 years and obtained a long-term residence permit or have at least 6 years of continuous work permit apply.

    Independent work permit: It is a type of independent work permit granted to Afghan citizen working professionally in a field within the scope of the conditions specified in the law.

    Turquoise Card: It can be given to the category of scientist, to foreigners who come as athletes, to foreign nationals who invest. It provides the right to an indefinite work permit, the right to a residence permit and also the right to pass for Turkish citizenship. The spouse and dependent children of the person are also granted the right of permanent residence.

    How to apply for a Turkey work permit?

    • Turkey work permit application is carried out completely through the online process. The application is made by the employer.
    • Records can be created on the system in 3 different ways;
    • Employer registration for home services (Registration is created with the employer’s Turkish ID number)
    • Registration of foreigners working on their behalf (with foreigner identification number starting with 99)
    • New business registration (all companies)
    • In order to create a record in all these different categories, it is necessary to complete a record with an electronic signature.
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