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    Turkey Visa Refusal for Greek Citizens

    Turkey Visa Refusal for Greek Citizens

    Turkey Visa Refusal for Greek Citizens

    Welcome to the Turkey visa refusal for Greek citizens page.

    The rejection and acceptance of your visa application is only under the authority of the Turkish Embassy or Consulate you applied for. Turkish foreign representatives are required to submit the necessary documents for your visa application. Submitting all the required documents in full does not mean that you will receive a final visa. The documents are examined by the representative office to evaluate whether they are suitable for obtaining a visa. As a result of the evaluation, there is a possibility of rejection even if you have submitted all documents completely and without errors.

    Before the reasons for Turkey visa refusal, it is necessary to mention the points that you should pay attention to when applying for a visa. In order for your application to result in a positive result at the stage of Turkey visa procedures, it is among the first things to be done to submit documents suitable for your travel purpose to Turkey and your personal information. You should clearly state your purpose of travel and be convincing that there is no different situation other than your purpose.


    Reasons for Turkey Visa Refusal

    When applying for a visa to Turkey, the application file should be prepared by taking into account the evaluation criteria of the Turkish foreign representatives. Approval or rejection of your visa application can be predicted by your own situation. By examining your file by our expert consultants, work is carried out to determine the missing areas and to have a positive result of your application.

    Many criteria are taken into consideration in the evaluation of Turkey visa application. At the beginning of the evaluation criteria, the submitted documents should support each other and be consistent. To give an example, a Greek citizen who requests a visa to visit his relative in Turkey is required to prepare an invitation letter by his relative in Turkey. If this document is missing, your visa application may result in negative results.


    Travel documents are incomplete or the submitted documents are not credible

    In your visa applications, the documents requested by the Turkish representations must be prepared and submitted completely and accurately. The documents submitted must also be suitable for your purpose of travel. It is possible to get Turkey visa refusal due to unconvincing transactions by the Turkish foreign representation.


    Insufficient financial situation

    Foreign nationals who want to visit Turkey are expected to meet all their needs during their visa applications during their stay in the country. During the application, it is requested to support this situation. If your declared economic situation does not support your application or if your financial situation is not found sufficient, your visa application may be rejected.


    Inadequate travel health insurance

    Travel health insurance may be required for your visa applications to the Turkish Embassy or Consulate. The required health insurances must be valid during the visa period and have a guarantee of 30.000 Euros. If this document is not provided, your visa application may be rejected.


    Inability to reach sufficient conviction that the visa applicant will return to Greece

    Greek nationals who want to visit Turkey are required to undertake to return to their home country at the end of the visa period. In the visa application interview, it is necessary for the authorities to reach sufficient opinion that you will return to your country. If this opinion is not formed in any way, your visa application may result in negative results.

    In order not to face Turkey visa refusal, you should review the above-mentioned situations. If the above points apply to your situation, the missing and wrong points should be corrected and the visa application should be made after the situation is corrected. Otherwise, your visa will be negative.

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