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    Turkey Tourist Visa for French Citizens

    Turkey Tourist Visa for French Citizens

    Turkey Tourist Visa for French Citizens

    Dear guest, welcome to our Turkey Tourist Visa for French citizens page!

    Turkey is an incredibly beautiful country. Surrounded by water on three sides, Turkey’s shore line is some of the most beautiful in the world. With its clear waters, sunny beaches and picturesque fishing country-side, the Turkish coast is one of the most untouched coasts in the world. Apart from its natural landscapes, Turkey is also famous for its rich history and cuisine. Every year, millions of tourists come to Turkey for vacations, after all Turkey has some of the most beautiful monuments in the world. Some of them are citizens of the countries to which Turkey applies visa exemption (France being one of them), and some of them are citizens of the countries to which the visa regime applies. The visa regime applied by Turkey differs from country to country in accordance with the principle of reciprocity.

    A visa can be defined as a foreign national requesting an entry permit from the authorities of that country before entering the country of travel. However, the fact that a foreigner has a visa does not guarantee that he/she can obtain an unconditional entry permit to Turkey. The security officers at the border entrances can cancel the entry permit to the country if they deem necessary. Turkey visa varies depending on the bilateral visa agreement between Turkey and foreign countries.

    Travels of French citizens for touristic purposes in Turkey are exempt from visa, provided that the total stay period in Turkey does not exceed 90 days in the last 180 days. French nationals who want to come to Turkey to stay that will be longer than 90 days must take appropriate residence permit to do so.

    We at Inforeigner, provide you with all necessary support for a multitude of immigration related procedures, starting from e-visa to Turkish citizenship. All you need to do it get in touch with our experts and they will assist you every step of the way.

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