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    Turkey Student Visa for Armenian Citizens

    Turkey Student Visa for Armenian Citizens

    Turkey Student Visa for Armenian Citizens

    Welcome to the Turkey student visa for Armenian citizens page!

    In accordance with the visa policy of the Republic of Turkey, the student visa is the type of visa that must be obtained by foreign citizens who want to come to the country for educational purposes. Foreign nationals who enter Turkey in any way with other visas, except for a student visa, do not have the opportunity to study in the country. The same condition applies to persons entering within the scope of visa exemption. Armenian nationals who want to study in Turkey must apply for an e-visa from Armenia and upon entering Turkey should thereafter apply for a student residence permit. If the Armenian citizen applicant is in another country, in that case, he/she can apply for Turkey student visa through the Turkish foreign representative office in that third country of residence.

    How to Apply for a Turkey Student Visa?

    Student visa applications are made at Turkish representations abroad. Foreign nationals must apply with printed documents. There are necessary documents required for student visa from Turkish foreign representatives. These documents are listed below:

    • Visa application form
    • Passport valid for at least 1 year (Passports must not be worn, torn or damaged in any way. False passports are not considered valid for visa applications.)
    • 4 biometric photos (Biometric photos should have a white background).
    • If the Armenian national who will apply for a student visa is under the age of 18, consent from the parents/guardians
    • Student certificate or acceptance letter from the institution to which the education application is made
    • Income statement of the Armenian national applying for a visa or a sponsorship letter from the person who will be the sponsor
    • Diploma from the most recent educational institution
    • ID card copy
    • Family bank account statement or student bank statement of the person who wants to study (Adequate amount of money is required.)
    • Paid visa fee receipt


    The above-mentioned documents are common documents required for citizens of all countries of the world. Turkish foreign representative offices may request new documents in addition to the above documents from Armenian nationals applying for a student visa. For this reason, before applying for a visa, you should first contact a Turkish foreign representative located in your France. Turkish foreign representations will guide you on the issues. After the preparation of all the required documents for the Turkey student visa, you must attend the online appointment you have made online. You must be at Turkish foreign representatives on the date of your appointment. If you are late for the appointment or do not attend at all, your visa application may be cancelled. After your student visa application is approved, this visa will be processed by the Turkish foreign representatives in your passport. After the visa is processed in your passport, you can enter Turkey.


    How Long Can I Stay in Turkey with a Student Visa?

    The length of stay in Turkey varies according to the country of citizenship. However, due to the visa policy, the right to stay for a maximum of 90 days during the last 180 days is provided. The period of stay in Turkey with a student visa is given by the Turkish foreign representatives. For Armenian citizens, this period is 90 days. The important point in this matter is that the visa stay periods given for stays for educational purposes in Turkey are not sufficient. For this reason, you must apply for a student residence permit after entering the country. If you do not apply for a student residence permit, you must leave the country after the end of your visa expiry.

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