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    Turkey Business Visa for Afghan Citizens

    Turkey Business Visa for Afghan Citizens

    Turkey Business Visa for Afghan Citizens

    Welcome to the Turkey business visa page. The Republic of Turkey has classified visa application types according to the purpose of arrival in accordance with its visa policy. There are many types of visas classified according to their purposes such as tourist, student, work, family reunification, assembly, treatment. Business visa is also included in these visa types. There are two ways you can apply for a business visa. These are the applications to be made in person to the Turkish foreign representatives and the e-Visa applications to be made online over the internet. A business visa should not be confused with a work visa. The purpose of the work visa is to obtain pre-approval for entry to Turkey for work purposes. The person who comes with a work visa can provide a long-term stay in Turkey by applying for a work permit. However, Afghan nationals entering the country with a business visa can stay in Turkey for as long as the visa period, and their purpose may be short-term business meetings, meetings or visits. We will tell you about the applications to be made to Turkish foreign representations and electronic visa applications over the internet, respectively.


    How to Apply for a Turkey Business Visa?

    With the development of technology in the world, many business sectors have started to spread out of their own countries. Major developments in the fields of import and export, increasing human needs have led to an increase in trade relations between countries. In this context, many countries provide visa convenience to many foreign citizens who will invest in their own country or establish commercial relations with companies in their country. Visa policy has been established by the Republic of Turkey for the countries of the world. Within the visa policy created, some foreign nationals are offered the opportunity to apply for a Turkish business visa via the internet and from Turkish foreign representations. For some foreign nationals, only visa applications from Turkish foreign representatives are provided.


    Visa Application to Turkish Foreign Representatives

    Afghan nationals who plan to travel to the Republic of Turkey for commercial purposes can apply for a visa from Turkish foreign representatives. Visa applications are made in person and by submitting printed documents. Turkish foreign representations require some documents from foreign nationals to apply for a Turkey business visa. The documents generally requested by the foreign representation are listed below.

    • Passport valid for at least 6 months
    • Biometric photo taken within the last 6 months (Requires a white background)
    • Flight reservation
    • Hotel reservation for accommodation
    • Work information
    • Invitation letter from the company that will carry out commercial activities in Turkey

    The list of documents presented above is generally requested from Turkish foreign representatives. The list of documents varies depending on the nationality of the foreign national who will apply for a visa or the foreign representative offices to which he or she applies. In order to learn the required documents, it would be in your best interest to contact the Turkish foreign representative office located in the jurisdiction of the country where you reside abroad. It is a mandatory matter that all documents requested by the foreign representation should be prepared accurately and completely. In case of inaccuracies or deficiencies in the prepared documents, your visa application may result in negative results or be deemed invalid. After the preparation of the requested documents, you should attend your Turkey commercial visa application appointment. If you arrive late at the representative office on the appointment date or if you do not attend at all, your application may be deemed invalid. Pay attention to being a representative on the date of the appointment. If you complete all the procedures, an evaluation will be made by the Turkish foreign representation. If the evaluation is positive, you can enter Turkey.



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