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    Turkey Long-term Residence Permit for Israel Citizens

    Turkey Long-term Residence Permit for Israel Citizens

    Turkey Long-term Residence Permit for Israel Citizens

    Long term residence permit is a type of Turkey residence permit within the scope of Foreigners and Protection Law No. 6458. A foreigner cannot apply directly for a long-term residence permit. For this he/she must prove that he/she lived in Turkey uninterrupted for at least 8 years. While calculating the 8-year uninterrupted residence, half of the student residence permits and all other types of residence permits are calculated. Long-term residence, permanent residence is organized by the governorships with the approval of the Ministry.

    In long-term residence permit in Turkey application, the duration is not specified. In other words, when this type of residence is acquired, the right to permanent residence is obtained. The conditions for applying for long-term residence are as follows;

    • Residing in Turkey for 8 years continuosly
    • Not having received social assistance in the last 3 years
    • Having financial means to support oneself and their family, if any
    • Have valid health insurance
    • Not to pose a threat to public safety and order


    Israel citizens who have been issued long term residence permit can benefit from all rights that are available to Turkish citizens except for Military service, voting or contesting in elections and other governmental duties.

    It is possible for residence permits to be rejected, cancelled or extended. If the Israel citizen stays abroad for a period of more than a year, or poses a threat to social order and security. Permission revocation is executed by the governorships. If the Israel citizen’s reason for staying abroad is health, education or a compulsory public duty in his/her own country, this will not lead to a cancellation. Persons who lost their long-term residence right can apply again to the consulates if abroad and to the Provincial Immigration Directorates if they are in Turkey and apply for long-term residence. In re-application, the condition of staying uninterrupted for 8 years is not sought again and the file is examined with priority and the result is reported within 1 month.

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