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    Turkey Residence Permit Refusal for Iranian Citizens

    Turkey Residence Permit Refusal for Iranian Citizens

    Turkey Residence Permit Refusal for Iranian Citizens

    First of all, we need to examine the concept of residence permit in Turkey residence permit refusal procedures. Iranian nationals traveling to Turkey can enter Turkey within the scope of visa exemption within the scope of international agreements. These entries are also allowed within a certain period of time. Within the scope of the legal legislation, the start, end and leave periods of these periods are determined for individuals. If Iranian nationals want to stay in Turkey longer than these permits, then they have to apply for a short-term residence permit in Turkey. After these applications are made, the person will have the right to stay in the country legally until the end of the application period. Within the scope of this right, the person will be able to wait for the result of his application in the country.

    Iranian nationals who want to apply for a short-term residence permit in Turkey must choose the most appropriate residence permit scope for them. Below we will discuss briefly about the types of Turkey Residence Permits and the reasons for refusal.

    Turkey Touristic Residence Permit

    Iranian nationals who want to stay in Turkey longer than the permission of their trip to Turkey, should apply through this category when applying for a residence permit if their purpose is touristic. In residence permit applications, the person who will stay as a tourist is not expected to declare a special purpose for the application. The Iranian national must present the address information (notarized version) of residence, a passport with a longer duration than the requested residence permit, 4 biometric photographs taken within the last 6 months, and a health insurance valid for longer than the residence permit period. It is very important that the documents are submitted completely and in the desired format in the applications. Documents should be prepared in the most accurate way for the result and fate of the application. In some cases, application documents submitted in a non-compliant manner fall into incomplete documents, and in some cases result in a negative outcome due to the misunderstanding in your application. If there are relevant documents missing from your application, these documents will be requested from you at the contact address you specified in the application and you will be asked to provide them in the time allocated to you.


    Turkey Family Residence Permit

    It is the type of Turkey short-term residence permit that the families of people who have a work permit living in Turkey or who are married to a Turkish citizen can apply for. When making an application through this category, the person in question is shown as a sponsor. The income of this sponsor is of great importance for the application. In this application made through the sponsor, in order to declare the income status of the two, if they are an employee, the payrolls for the last 3 months; if he/she is a company owner, company documents (tax plate, registry gazette, activity certificate) must be submitted. In applications made for the family of a Turkish citizen, an application can also be made with a bank income statement. In this form of application, the person must be declared to have bank statements of the last 6 months and enough income for the next 6 months. If the French national will apply by submitting their payroll, then the income per dependent must be at least one third of the current minimum wage.


    In family residence permit applications, unlike other short-term residence permit categories in Turkey, an Iranian national can obtain the right to apply for Turkish citizenship with a 3-year uninterrupted residence permit. Therefore, in this category, it is much more important to be approved without being denied a residence permit in Turkey.


    Turkey Student Residence Permit

    It is a type of residence permit obtained for people who want to stay here by studying in Turkey. Iranian nationals in this category can apply in this category after their school enrollment. In the category of student residence permit, short-term residence permit is issued for students in Turkey, and generally this annual permit must be renewed every year. Through this renewal, a short-term residence permit is obtained for the duration of the school. Since this category is taken on a condition, attendance requirement is added to each school. Persons who do not meet this requirement have the right to cancel their current student residence permit if they are informed by the school administration to the authorized institutions. For this reason, great importance should be given to the application and its continuity in order not to experience the refusal or cancellation of the residence permit in Turkey. If students want to use the residence permit period they have obtained through this category for citizenship, and only if they continue with a work permit, they can count a certain period of time.


    Turkey Long Term Residence Permit

    If, as a valid residence permit holder in Turkey for more than 8 years, extension applications have been advanced, then the person will have the right to apply for a long term residence permit. Depending on the result of this application, if the result is positive, the person will have a long-term residence permit. With this permit, citizenship is not granted the right to elect and be elected for a different person and is also exempted from compulsory military service for men. For rights other than this, it is considered equivalent to citizenship. Iranian nationals who apply through this category usually have the nationality of countries that cannot obtain dual citizenship.

    Applications for all the categories mentioned above first proceed with online steps and then an appointment is made through the system. Following this appointment, you will have to carefully prepare the documents suitable for your application category and pay the determined fee assigned by the state to your application. You must also submit the originals of the payment receipts given for this payment in the application. In order to avoid a residence permit rejection in Turkey, all documents that need to be prepared for the category you are applying for must be submitted at the aforementioned appointment. Although the documents are requested as missing documents, your application may result in negative results due to the inconsistent parts due to the examination of the officer evaluating your application.

    In addition, it is very important that the information in the online form filled in for the application is equivalent to the documents you submitted and compatible with each other. The most transparent and clear information should be entered in the form. It is very important not to have confusing information during the evaluation phase. All these mentioned situations determine whether your application is rejected or has a positive result. If the documents requested from you are not provided at the requested time or if their authenticity is questioned, it is very possible to get negative results. We, as Inforeigner, decide on the most suitable application category for you by listening to the purpose and content of your application in the applications we make on your behalf.

    There after, we offer you the list of documents that need to be prepared for the application of people specific to that category. In addition, we explain one by one where, how and in what format you can obtain these documents. By accompanying you throughout the entire process, we support you in order to avoid any deficiencies in both the application and the appointment.

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