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    Turkey Residence Permit For Afghan Citizens

    Turkey Residence Permit For Afghan Citizens

    Turkey Residence Permit for Afghan Citizens

    Dear visitor, welcome to our Turkey Residence Permit for Afghan citizens page!

    An Afghan citizen wishing to travel to Turkey for purposes that exceeds 90 days, to live in Turkey, to work, to study, or to move to live with a relative in Turkey, must apply for a residence permit in accordance with their purpose before they come to Turkey. An Afghan citizen before traveling to Turkey can apply for the most appropriate residence permit visa via the Turkish foreign representative authorities located in Afghanistan, if they plan on staying for longer than 90 days in Turkey. According to the purpose of stay in Turkey, residence permits can be grouped into 6 types. These are short-term residence permit, long-term residence permit, family residence permit, student residence permit, humanitarian residence permit and human trafficking victim residence permit. Turkey work permit visa can be evaluated within the scope of these groups. An Afghan citizen, just like other foreign nationals, can apply for a short-term or long-term residence permit.

    For Afghan citizens, residence permit applications are made through the Consulates of the Republic of Turkey in Afghanistan. In other cases, the application process can be carried out through the governorship of the province they are in for those who come to Turkey under a visa or a special pass. For residence permit applications, individuals can clearly state the reason for their stay, and they are expected to meet the requirements of the permit they receive for this reason. In addition to this, to have enough income to make a living in Turkey during the period of residence; during this time, it is necessary to have valid health insurance. All of these details will be documented and submitted in the application, approved by the legal authorities.

    In the residence permit applications, you must provide the qualifications that vary according to your nationality. As Inforeigner, we will guide you in the most correct way. We also provide necessary guidance for the documents you bring from your country to comply with the Turkish official document system.

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