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    Deport Penalty Calculation

    Deport Penalty Calculation

    Dear visitor, welcome to our Deport Penalty Calculation page.

    All countries want to know how long and for what purposes they host foreign nationals. For this reason, all visas are issued for a certain purpose and within a certain period of time. This situation has revealed the concept of visa violation. To be clear, a visa violation is staying or acting out of purpose in the country of travel for longer than the visa period. For example; If a 3-month visa stays in the country where he / she travels for 4 months, it means a visa violation. To complete with another example; it is a violation that a person who submits documents for student purposes and obtains a student visa, starts working in the country he / she visits.

    Illegal entry into a country is one of the types of visa violations. It is known that in recent years, a large number of people illegally entered Turkey from the Middle East, Africa and Asian countries. When all these people are identified, the procedure we will describe below is applied and they are also punished with visa violation penalties. There are different situations other than exceeding the duration and purpose of the given visa or entering the country illegally. Situations related to residence permit and work permit may also be the subject of visa violation. For example, foreign nationals who continue to work without renewing this permit despite the expiry of the work permit given to him, and who continue to reside in Turkey without renewing this permit or transferring to another residence type, even though the residence permit expires, also violate the visa.

    Visa Violation Penalty

    A foreign national who violates a visa becomes a fugitive. In such a case, the foreign national who violates the visa must pay the fee specified in the law as a penalty. The total of this fine is calculated as twice the 1-year residence permit fee. If the citizens of some countries violate these rules, they must pay a visa fee in addition to this fee.

    In the event that the foreign national person does not pay the penalty for violation of the visa and leaves Turkey, the foreign national will be deported. In such a case, a deport decision is made for a foreign national person for a period of five (5) years. From time to time, some amnesty orders may be issued for foreign nationals who are deported. However, as of 2021, there is no amnesty or application in question.

    If the visa violation penalty is paid, the foreign national has another chance to stay in the country. After paying his sentence, if he leaves the country and re-enters the country and undertakes to apply for a residence permit (residence permit) within ten (10) days after his / her entry to Turkey, and if he/she fulfills this commitment, foreign nationals will not be deported. This situation is called conditional entry. However, if the person does not apply within ten (10) days, he / she will be on the run and if caught, he / she will be deported, in other words, deported. You can read a wide range of information about the deport issue on our Deport Operation page.

    Deport Penalty Calculation

    Private institutions such as our institution Inforeigner do not have any system to find out the exact amount of fines and how long the ban was imposed on the calculation of the deport penalty. This is an entirely state-owned information system. You can get precise information about calculating visa violation penalties from the border gates or from the visa violation offices at the airport.

    The amount of fines for visa violations varies depending on the country of citizenship of the foreign national who violates the violation and the duration of illegal stay in Turkey. To explain the amount of penalty to be paid with an example:

    Let’s say, Azerbaijani citizens can stay in Turkey for 90 days without a visa. An Azerbaijani citizen who has stayed in Turkey for a total of 10 months will have spent the first three months in accordance with their visa and the remaining 7 months as illegal. In such a case, the amount he has to pay will be the sum of 25 USD (first month fee) + 35 USD (5 USD for each month after the first month) + Card fee (110 TL for 2021) and 240 TL administrative fine for the year 2021.

    As we have mentioned, this calculation is only hypothetically based on the expressions specified in the laws. The actual penalty amount is communicated by the officers at the airport or at the border gates.

    Visa Violation Office

    The visa violation office is the place where the total penalty will be calculated and paid according to the duration of the evasion and the country of citizenship of the foreign national. The visa breach office is located at the airports. Foreign nationals who stay in Turkey illegally can go there and pay their fines.

    Where Is The Penalty Of Visa Violation Paid?

    Foreign nationals who have committed a visa violation must pay a certain amount of fines. These penalties must be paid in order not to be deported. Visa violation penalties can be paid to the visa violation office located at the airports. If a letter of undertaking is signed stating that an application for a residence permit will be made within ten (10) days after the payment is made, it is possible to re-enter the next day immediately. In this regard, you should definitely seek advice from a foreigners expert. Missing documents in your situation, doing business in a way that is contrary to the procedures, making incomplete declaration and insufficient payment of the penalty, having a restraint code for a foreign national, making a procedural error when re-entering the country, making a mistake in the residence permit application after entering the country or in cases where this period is missed, a five (5) year deport decision is applied, that is, foreign nationals cannot enter Turkey for 5 years.

    Amnesty for Foreign Nationals for Visa Violation

    Amnesty practices for foreigners who violate visa are observed from time to time. There is currently no such application in 2021. But the law offered these foreign nationals another alternative. According to the law, if a foreign national who violates a visa signs a letter of undertaking stating that he will apply for a residence permit within ten (10) days after paying the penalty, he/she can re-enter Turkey immediately the next day. If the application is not made within ten (10) days despite the signing of the contract, the person will become an illegal alien again. We recommend that you seek help from a foreigners’ expert on what foreigners who violate a visa can do and how they can follow the process. Inforeigner experts can make all necessary procedures for foreigners who violate visa, and ensure that people get the result they want.

    When Can I Enter Turkey Again After Deport?

    In case of a visa violation, when the foreign national can enter Turkey again varies depending on the situation. If the foreign national pays his / her penalty fee while leaving the country and undertakes to apply for a residence permit within ten (10) days, he / she can enter Turkey even one day after his / her departure, or he / she can enter later if he / she wishes. You can get detailed information about the Deport penalty calculation from our experts.

    What Should the Foreigner Who Is Deported as a Result of Visa Violation Do?

    Foreign nationals who have exceeded their visa, residence permit, or work permits are deemed to be on the run by violating their visa. If he does not perform his / her procedures according to the above-mentioned procedure and does not pay the penalty, a five (5) year deport decision is applied. After this stage, a foreign national who has been deported for five (5) years can only enter Turkey again by receiving a legitimate visa invitation. This can be listed as student, work, marriage or treatment visa. However, a type that suits the conditions of the situation should be selected. Otherwise, these applications often receive a negative response. The procedures to be carried out according to the type of application also differ. You can read more about this in our article called Deport Inquiry and Removal.

    Restriction Code Imposition Regarding Foreigners

    We see that codes such as Ç141, G87, Ç114 are applied for foreign nationals who have been deported. While some codes are informative, some codes are also restrictive. Therefore, a foreign national who has a restrictive code decision cannot enter Turkey unless the code about him is removed by a court decision, even if he / she does all of the above. For this reason, it is more important to check what kind of code is about the foreign national person through an expert before applying the above procedures. Inforeigner experts firstly check the code with foreigners’ lawyers and determine the road map according to the content of the code. For our page on the contents of restriction codes, please visit our Deport Query and Removal section.

    Consultancy services should be obtained from experts on what can be done in case of visa violation and which routes will be more advantageous. Furthermore, the objection to the deportation decision is made through a foreigners’ lawyer, because it is difficult for a foreign national to express himself / herself in language and because he / she cannot enter the country will be correct. As Inforeigner, we provide consultancy services to our foreign passengers on visa violation and deport decisions. You can reach us at 0212 706 84 17 for your Turkey visa, Turkey e-visa, short term residence, indefinite (long term) residence, family and student residence permit, work permit, Turkish citizenship and deport (deport) transactions, and get support from our experts.